Monday, February 7, 2011

Awesome Mistakes.

 This Morning My Friend Came To My House, I Know Because They Have A Little Transparent Notification Showing For A Second.  Anyways, When I Looked At It It Was An Glitch/Misspell! Wow-O-Wow! I Never Knew That Ameba Made A Glitch. Crazy Rite? 
So Anyways, Lets Get Done With This Chit-Chat. I Will Show You The Picture Of The Glitch. Proof! 

Read What I Said Right Under This Picture!
Look The Bottom Right Corner Of This Picture! It Says: "Is visiting you" What Happed To Room??? ROFL!  

Well Thank For Reading. Watching. Staying In Touch. Please Give Credit! Its Actually A Must! If You Don't Your Not Listening To Copyright Reasons... ROFL! Im So Secure... 
Thanks For Everything!