Monday, March 7, 2011

Beauty Pagent!!!

Its that type of year again!!! BEAUTY PAGENT!! And im the host!! Look meh outfit:
And meh bud whose makign the set( whose richer dan meh now :O):
Yeah well heres the set:
Its a big sucess! Well.... ummm gtg! Its a pagent thang! xD

Its Magic!!!

Today i got online Ameba Pico and I got some new mail! But the strangest thing that it was from CHOLE!!! Who would have knew she knew meh??? Well heres the letter she wrote meh:
I got all excited-y and looked in my pocket... but it wasnt there! :(
Then i looked in meh Deco and..... OMG IT WAS THERE!!!
I just had to take it out and play wit it xD

So I named it Sprinkles and hes meh lil warrior! And trust meh... he has alot of enemies that want to eat him, and I also learned a very important lesson!
1. Chole knows meh, so I must be really famous or shes framign meh for something O_O
2. I know what the word ornamental means!!!