Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ghost on Ameba Pico!

Just taking a walk around Ameba Pico is super relaxing. Unless you pass by some strange ghost. My eyes was filled with shocked, I never knew there was ghost on Ameba Pico! You should never judge a ghost by how it looks. You Should judge it by how it is in the inside. I Met Many Ghost At The Chloe's Old Halloween House! I met many ghost but there where all different. Some people would think that there just a design, but they are still part of us. They part of Ameba Pico. Many unexpected personalities of ghost are cheerful, depressed, scary, confused, or just plain different. I love the ghost in Pico. Never be scared of them!

The HayleeTwinz Took Some Fine Pictures And Added A Neat Caption!
I never met a ghost that likes candy!
I met the ghost of the past! Somehow she is staring right thought you!
Please, I just want to be alone.
I just hope I look good in this picture!
It's really hard to sneeze when your a ghost, you know?
Let's play hide and go seek! I'll hide! Aww, you found me!
Ahh, I don't like pictures.
This is my second picture! Yay!
This is the best picture of all! Thanks for reading!
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