Sunday, April 3, 2011

F.A.B. Fashions Intro

     Hey, We Having A New Segment Called F.A.B Fashions! (F.A.B  Stands For Fashion Addict's Brains.) F.A.B Fashions Is A "Team" That Helps You Find Affordable Clothes. It Also Helps You By Finding Old Clothes That People Forgotten And They Try To Make It A Trend. Its Like They Want To Bring Old Things Back To Life, You Know What Im Saying? This Will Also Be Featured On My Blog (But With Different Posts) So Theres No Real Copying Going If You Think That Haylee Twinz Stole Pico United's Ideas.
      F.A.B Fashions Helps You With Fashion Advice, All Types Of Fashion Advice. Even If You Want To Change Your Hair, Eyes, Color, Or Other We Will Help Right Away! We Make New Ideas That Picos Would Really Wear, Enjoy Without Giving Credit. All We Ask For Is, If You Try, Please Send A Picture With Your Name And A Story. Pretty, Pretty Please! Also We Need You Help, Like We Said, We Need Your Help!
Help By Sending In The Email, Tell Us:
  • Whats You Pico ID?
  • Your Gender?
  • Did You Find F.A.B Fashions From Pico United Or Haylee Twinz?
  • Whats Your Story? (Comments, Likes, Dislikes, Advice For Us, The Whole Story. Those Are Just Examples, You Can Do More!)
  • Picture(s) Or The Outfit(s)
  • Write Anything You Feel
Please, Send It In To