Sunday, January 16, 2011

Movie: What A Life!?! (Part One)

     Me and Abi Have Been Doing A Two Woman Movie (I Was The Mann *Sad Face*) ... ROFL!!!...... Its Placed At Sweet_Mom's House..So Anyways, First It About Two Apples (were The Apple Sitting in A Apple Chair) Eating Apples... YUM!!! Both Of Us Cheated On Each Other... Me And Coffee And 2 Chinese Foods) And She is With A Donut... Then We Had 500 Kids I Saved Two And She Saved 18.... RAWR!!! But She Killed 470 :O So Sad!!! :'(
    Then We Both Walked in While We Both Then We Were in The Bathroom And Shower!!!! >:O




♡♡♡THE END!♡♡♡

Saturday, January 15, 2011

***Nerdz On Ice***

   Have You Ever Ice Skated Or Figured Skated?
Have You Ever Dressed Up As A Nerd?
Or Maybe, Have You Dressed As A Nerd While Skating?
Well We Have! 

   *~Abi~* And I Where At The Ice Rink, But Then We Got Bored Couldn't Think Of Anything To Do... So We Both Can With Up A Brilliant Idea... Wow! Its Was Pretty Good!?! ROFL! Everyone Was Laughing, We Didn't Care Cuz I Was Extremely Funny! We Did Funny Action Like.... "Whine" "Laugh" All The "Renkan-Ken Actions" And Almost All Of The "Newbie Actions"..... Then We Dressed Like Nerds!

But Anyways We Got So  Random... Haha! Im Randommm! That's Me! But Anyways We Love Our Followers So Much That We Got Pictures!

Here Are The Pictures:

Nerds Are BEA$T!!!
Nerds Rule..... 
Byeeee <3 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Pico Human Tower And Pyramid (By: The Haylee Twinz And ★αкιкø★)

Have You Seen A Human Tower? Have You Been A Human Tower?
Do You Even Know What Is A Human Tower?
Yes! Yes! And Yes! It All Started When The Haylee Twinz Were Just Putting Th Block On Top Of Us, Cuz We To Make Another Floor... So I Made It Exactly The Same Hight Of Mah Twin And Then Went on Top And Then I Pressed Up All Items On   Accident And We Made...... A HUMAN TOWER! Well It Was Lame Cuz Only Two People We The Tower... So Thats Why I Called Mah Friends To Come And Be One!

 Since I Asked We Got 7 Girls To Come!!! It Pretty Big!

After That, Alot Some People Left And We Only Had 6 People... I Know I Said There Was 7 People But Other People Came To Replace Them... In A Nice Way (:
So Anyways There Was Only 6 People We Where Bored And Wanted To Do More So My Friend, michellexo , Had A Great Idea! She Said We Should Do An Pyramid! And That Was I Perfect... The Best Idea But She Was One Of The People Who Left.. So She Wasn't In It... 
But Isn't It Great! SO WE DID!
 Now We Have Some Random Pictures During The Making...

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♡нαуℓєє♡  (Me)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

We Saw Dora!!!

Dora Explore-a Pico?

When Haylee & I Were At My Room Making An Hotel ( Don't Bother Looking, Its Horrible...) But While We Were Putting The Bed In The Right Place, Our Friend, ~*Abi*~ , Called Us To Go To The Skating Rink Because She Said There's Something That We NEED To See...! So Haylee And I Got Our Ice  Skates On And Ran To The Skating Rink...


 We Anit Small We Anit Big
 Imma Big Real Now!
Dora is Going To Go And Explore-a...
Uh Uh Uh Dora!
Come On Dora Let Go Explore-a!
Aloha! My Name Is Dora! What Is You Name? 

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