Thursday, April 14, 2011

F.A.B. Fashions (1st Edition)

     This Is Fair Enough To Let Mel Molly And I To Share F.A.B Fashions. So, I Wanted To Feature Her Own Post That She Made.So Here's It!

Hi, its Mel Molly! . This is a really F.A.B. idea Haylee had! (Corny joke, lolz) So when Haylee posted this, the first thing I thought of was that I should make a little list, to keep you on tabs with yourself. So..

SHIRTS- Beginner's Plaza 
     Well, of course, the cheapest shirts that you will ever see are probably at Beginner's Plaza. Now, you might just take a look around in that purple robot and say that EVERYTHING is Waaay too expensive. But if you look closely, there are some things that might be in the price range of 500-1000 gummies, which sounds like a very good deal to me, if you are planning on wearing this everyday. On the very top, there are some spontaneously cute border dresses. If your new to Pico, this is one of the BEST things to wear! You can see a whole bunch of people around Pico wearing them!And if you pair it with a nice pair of pants maybe (cheapest are 700 gummies) you will not look like you just started Pico! I'm sooo cereal! (serious) There are six, each with 2 colors featured!

One of the most popular ones are black.

PANTS AND SKIRTS- Beginner's Plaza
     A reasonably priced skirt(but for some a tad bit pricey) is this awesome heart print skirt with added suspenders. It costs 1,000 gummies(A bit on the expensive scale for some) but it is sooo WORTH it! Of course, you may access this awesome skirt in beginner's plaza. I found a girl in the Flea Market that was wearing one. If you match it up with a simple white shirt(newbie clothes) they look really cute!
Thanks Naty Hilton! Or should I say, gracias, for this lovely pico is Latina! They are featured in 
5 colors- blue, yellow,purple, pink and black. You see Picos everywhere wearing them!
     There is a small accesories section in the Purple Robot at the bottom. The item that really caught my attention were the UK traditional glasses, which I like to call, "The Harry Potter Glasses". They cost 800 gummies, which is just in the middle of the last two previous fashion items I just mentioned. My friend, §тαя Роωєяѕ ♡, wears them all the time, and she just looks ASMASHING!
Doesn't she look pretty with her UK glasses on??

And that, readers, will be the end of our post! Till Next Time!