Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Followers...

     Dear Followers,

     We all know I forget to blog a post. Or don't even post until months, or try to get new writers and they don't even write. Now, I cant take the disappointment of my actions. My actions were self-centering myself. The name, way too selfish. I just couldn't take it. Making my crew feel bad isn't pleasing. I just thought about quitting, but it wouldn't do justice. No at all, but truth is I'm in a tough time. I'm halfway there, now, I believe there's is a new beginning. Yes, It's True. I'm quitting HayleeTwinz. It seems to me a new start is better. I'm sorry. I love your support, i love how people just started following me and now I'm leaving. Kinda makes me giggle. Well, I need to refresh start, and start on my new blog called Pico Priceless... Farewell My Good Friends, Follow Me There!