Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our 50th Post!!!

     Finally, Day By Day. Month By Month. We Got Our... 50th Post!!! This Is Haylee, Getting So Glad For Our Blog. But Please It Wouldn't Happen Without You! We Need Your Help With Getting More Viewers, Followers, And Writers. 

     Got A Story? Turn It Into HayleeTwinz! You Might Have A Chance To Win A Contest OR Get Your Story Published (By Published We Mean Posted With Rights) On Our Blog. By The Time Your Writing Your Story, Think About If You Want To Be A Writer On Our Blog? Think About. You Could Be One of Us.

Friday, April 15, 2011

ever had one of those days where you feel like the whole world hates you and the one you truly loved broke your heart into a gazillion pieces?So have i :/ its a sad cruel world at there am i am dedicating this post to bullied kids,emos,and disablemented kids! :/ i got this idea from when i saw a girl being bullied at school. i stood up for her and we have been best friends ever since.that was in 2nd grade. :) well bye and srry for this random post lol

Thursday, April 14, 2011

F.A.B. Fashions (1st Edition)

     This Is Fair Enough To Let Mel Molly And I To Share F.A.B Fashions. So, I Wanted To Feature Her Own Post That She Made.So Here's It!

Hi, its Mel Molly! . This is a really F.A.B. idea Haylee had! (Corny joke, lolz) So when Haylee posted this, the first thing I thought of was that I should make a little list, to keep you on tabs with yourself. So..

SHIRTS- Beginner's Plaza 
     Well, of course, the cheapest shirts that you will ever see are probably at Beginner's Plaza. Now, you might just take a look around in that purple robot and say that EVERYTHING is Waaay too expensive. But if you look closely, there are some things that might be in the price range of 500-1000 gummies, which sounds like a very good deal to me, if you are planning on wearing this everyday. On the very top, there are some spontaneously cute border dresses. If your new to Pico, this is one of the BEST things to wear! You can see a whole bunch of people around Pico wearing them!And if you pair it with a nice pair of pants maybe (cheapest are 700 gummies) you will not look like you just started Pico! I'm sooo cereal! (serious) There are six, each with 2 colors featured!

One of the most popular ones are black.

PANTS AND SKIRTS- Beginner's Plaza
     A reasonably priced skirt(but for some a tad bit pricey) is this awesome heart print skirt with added suspenders. It costs 1,000 gummies(A bit on the expensive scale for some) but it is sooo WORTH it! Of course, you may access this awesome skirt in beginner's plaza. I found a girl in the Flea Market that was wearing one. If you match it up with a simple white shirt(newbie clothes) they look really cute!
Thanks Naty Hilton! Or should I say, gracias, for this lovely pico is Latina! They are featured in 
5 colors- blue, yellow,purple, pink and black. You see Picos everywhere wearing them!
     There is a small accesories section in the Purple Robot at the bottom. The item that really caught my attention were the UK traditional glasses, which I like to call, "The Harry Potter Glasses". They cost 800 gummies, which is just in the middle of the last two previous fashion items I just mentioned. My friend, §тαя Роωєяѕ ♡, wears them all the time, and she just looks ASMASHING!
Doesn't she look pretty with her UK glasses on??

And that, readers, will be the end of our post! Till Next Time! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

da hoodie club :3

yup we are back in bussness ;3 =^_^= kk well bi

Saturday, April 9, 2011

About meh, Kitteh :D

This is meh! Im kitteh But my name is κïrby™ I love the color black! Well on Ameba Pico I got two pets 1 Dog Named Tsunade, And 1 Cat named Chi! :D I love pico very much! I got many friends add me if chu want. Well Now I have a bf as well His name is Rayure. Search him if chu like. But visit meh room favorite meh and ring. Well lets get aside this im very funneh im cute an awshum friend :D and i love I love.. Pico XD but there isnt rally hackers. Its called a bug if its a hacker they would have to go to the pico official website and be like in it were they take stuff away from everyone. Well Haylee Thanks for leting me blog! Rawr! Kitteh in and out! Peace

Monday, April 4, 2011

~Mel Molly has the opportunity to write on Haylee Twinz~

Once again, dear readers, I have planted myself in a new blog! I hope that I may get to write at least one post a month for each blog I am writing in! And do not forget, as I am in Haylee's blog, Haylee is in my blog, PICO UNITED!  And don't forget! I'm here to make sure I help to get this blog Back On Track!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

F.A.B. Fashions Intro

     Hey, We Having A New Segment Called F.A.B Fashions! (F.A.B  Stands For Fashion Addict's Brains.) F.A.B Fashions Is A "Team" That Helps You Find Affordable Clothes. It Also Helps You By Finding Old Clothes That People Forgotten And They Try To Make It A Trend. Its Like They Want To Bring Old Things Back To Life, You Know What Im Saying? This Will Also Be Featured On My Blog (But With Different Posts) So Theres No Real Copying Going If You Think That Haylee Twinz Stole Pico United's Ideas.
      F.A.B Fashions Helps You With Fashion Advice, All Types Of Fashion Advice. Even If You Want To Change Your Hair, Eyes, Color, Or Other We Will Help Right Away! We Make New Ideas That Picos Would Really Wear, Enjoy Without Giving Credit. All We Ask For Is, If You Try, Please Send A Picture With Your Name And A Story. Pretty, Pretty Please! Also We Need You Help, Like We Said, We Need Your Help!
Help By Sending In The Email, Tell Us:
  • Whats You Pico ID?
  • Your Gender?
  • Did You Find F.A.B Fashions From Pico United Or Haylee Twinz?
  • Whats Your Story? (Comments, Likes, Dislikes, Advice For Us, The Whole Story. Those Are Just Examples, You Can Do More!)
  • Picture(s) Or The Outfit(s)
  • Write Anything You Feel
Please, Send It In To