Saturday, April 9, 2011

About meh, Kitteh :D

This is meh! Im kitteh But my name is κïrby™ I love the color black! Well on Ameba Pico I got two pets 1 Dog Named Tsunade, And 1 Cat named Chi! :D I love pico very much! I got many friends add me if chu want. Well Now I have a bf as well His name is Rayure. Search him if chu like. But visit meh room favorite meh and ring. Well lets get aside this im very funneh im cute an awshum friend :D and i love I love.. Pico XD but there isnt rally hackers. Its called a bug if its a hacker they would have to go to the pico official website and be like in it were they take stuff away from everyone. Well Haylee Thanks for leting me blog! Rawr! Kitteh in and out! Peace

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