Monday, February 21, 2011

SimplyPico: Happy (Pico) Life II

SimplyPico: Happy (Pico) Life II: "Just like what i've said, if there's a happy (pico) life, there is also happy (pico) life II ☺ If you haven't read the first issue, you can ..."

Just Looking At This For Maybe Thirty Seconds Is Super Funny, But True! I Love It! I Hope You Do Too! Check It Out!

PicoScene!: KUNG FU PICO!

PicoScene!: KUNG FU PICO! Just Made This Awesome Video Of Kung Fu Pico! Its Pretty Short With Many Violent Words. To Some People Seems Funny, It Got Me A Little Chuckle. I Bet You Would Laugh If You Here: " Son Of A Pico!" See, Its Kinda Funny, Right? If Not, Please Forgive Me. I Give All Credit To: PicoScene! If You Want The Excact Website Of The Blog/Post Its Kung Fu Pico! Thanks For Reading! Bye!