Saturday, January 15, 2011

***Nerdz On Ice***

   Have You Ever Ice Skated Or Figured Skated?
Have You Ever Dressed Up As A Nerd?
Or Maybe, Have You Dressed As A Nerd While Skating?
Well We Have! 

   *~Abi~* And I Where At The Ice Rink, But Then We Got Bored Couldn't Think Of Anything To Do... So We Both Can With Up A Brilliant Idea... Wow! Its Was Pretty Good!?! ROFL! Everyone Was Laughing, We Didn't Care Cuz I Was Extremely Funny! We Did Funny Action Like.... "Whine" "Laugh" All The "Renkan-Ken Actions" And Almost All Of The "Newbie Actions"..... Then We Dressed Like Nerds!

But Anyways We Got So  Random... Haha! Im Randommm! That's Me! But Anyways We Love Our Followers So Much That We Got Pictures!

Here Are The Pictures:

Nerds Are BEA$T!!!
Nerds Rule..... 
Byeeee <3 

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