Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First Post! "The Twinz Fight!"

Yay! My First Blog! But Something Happened When We Were At A Hotel... ☯↘нαуℓєє↙☯ And I Were Changing Into Crazy Outfit... My Bestie, ♥βεℓℓα25♥, Was There To Judge The Contest... When ☯↘нαуℓєє↙☯ Doesn't Win She Gets Angry Really Angry... So When She Heard ♥βεℓℓα25♥ Say: The Winner Is....... нαуℓєє!!! ☯↘нαуℓєє↙☯ Was Shocked Her Mouth Wide Open And She Turned Red! She Started To Do Her Khufu Skills! She Is Good At Khufu! We Fought Till We Were Only Bones Left! But Few Minutes Between The Fight, ♥βεℓℓα25♥ Turned Around And Saw Us Fighting... ♥βεℓℓα25♥ Is Smart Enough To Not Just Stand There And Watch.. ♥βεℓℓα25♥ Said: Hey, Haylee! I Just Said The Winner Is нαуℓєє Not ☯↘нαуℓєє↙☯ Or ♡нαуℓєє♡ Just нαуℓєє That Means You Both Win!!! Duh... ☯↘нαуℓєє↙☯ And I Apologized For Each Others Madness... We Hugged And Moved On...
But I Never Understand Why Did She Think I Won When She Just нαуℓєє... Maybe She Forgot Or Maybe... She Did It On Propose? Its A Mystery... 

The End!

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