Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~~True Beauty!~~

    Unique Picos Are Who Look Different...But People Still Love Them, There Independence Is Strong And Nothing Can Break Them... :D    Different. Strong And Brave. Something New! And There Really Fun Because I Have Known Them For A While And There Awesome Im Sorry That You Think There Not Awesome ,But You There  Some Great People...  Amazing Friends... I Love When People Are Unique! How About You?  

My Friends (Some Aren't My Friends But To Me They Are) : 
At The Park Just Dancing For No Reason? Haha, Seems Fun To Me!
 Ahhh! Never Hurts To GO Gambling With Your Best Friends! I Know I Love Too!
 Some Funny People At The Park. I Said Hi But I Got Know Answer. Maybe I Scared Them Two Away?
At My Room We Are Just Taking Random Pictures Without Them Knowing.

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