Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pico Of The Week: 1st : Food Edtion

     Congrats To The Pico Of The Week. Maybe You Where Nice, Shy, Rude, Or Randomly Picked! Who Knows? Oh Wait, We Do! This Person Is Randomly Picked From That Huge Crowd. If A Big Hand To...

Cassidy Rawr!

      Cassidy Was Randomly Picked, But If I Had Picked Her For Something. She Would Be In The Best Simple Outfit That Only Works On Her. Dont You Just Love It? She Is Perfect Head To Toe. Her Lips Are Adorable, Known As "Kissable Lips" As A Cute Joke. Look At Her Buddies List. Now, Look At Her Pico Props List! Isn't It Almost The Same? That Insane, But True. Hmm, Something Seems To Make This So Funny. Ah Ha. Its Her Mood! "Mood: Im A Muffin" Is The Funniest Food This I've Read So Far. Congrats To Cassidy Rawr! She Reminds Me Of Another Girl Who Also Loves Random Foods. The Girl Below! 


     I Guess We Have Two Picos Of The Week! Whoa, Its Like A Party. This One Seems To Love Food To. There Very Different... Remember: Be Your Self And Show It On Your Pico Profile! If You See My Pico Profile, Its Really Different. Also Its True. So Congrats To Wolfie! So Wolfie Is A Drummer. Nice, Right? I Love Drumming, Even If I Never Had Hands On A Drumstick. 
(Enjoy The Jokes While They Last.)  Seems Like Wolfie Rather Eat Fies Then Talk To Us. Weird, But Its Normal.Everyone Loves Fries. If You Eat Too Much You Will Be Bigger Then A Barrel. (Nice Way Of Saying "Fat")
Good Job, Wolfie<3 Enjoy! Seems Like Another Person Loves Food Much As You Too! Lets See Who Below!
     Funny Thing Is, I've Seen You Before Right?  Hmm, I Guess Not Or Maybe I Just Forgot. Oh Wait I Just Remember I Met Her At The Anniversary Park! (Flashback)
 Oh, Looks Like She Is Obsessed With Music. Wasn't The Other Girl A Drummer? They Should Become Best Friends! Seems Funny You Like Waffles, Thats Really Random. Crazy Clans You Have There! Playboy Bunny Club, Nice Name. 
Hey! Also You Have Those Hearts Like Mine. Well We Both Have Something in Common! Finally. Enjoy! Congrats To The Picos Of The Week! (Sometimes I'll Put Two In A Week, Yikes!) 
Happy 1st Anniversary, Ameba Pico! 


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