Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wanted: Main Writers and Guest Writers!

      By Now, I Thought HayleeTwinz Would Get Writers Writing, But Seems Like There Not Doing A Thing. Most Of Them Are On Ameba Pico And Don't Seem To Ask About Our Blog Or Say, "I Made A New Post!" I Feel Disappointed. Im Like The Only One Who Writes Once A Week. At-least I Dont Write Once A Month Like Others. Sorry For My Angry. 
     The HayleeTwinz NEED Main Writers And Guest Writers. A Main Writer Is A Person Who Writes More Often And Writes Anything As Long It Makes Sense. Main Writers Also Can Write About People In The Crew. A Guest Writer Is A Person Who Writes At Randomly Times, But Not So Often. A Guest Writer Can Also Write About The Crew. The Crew Everyone Who Is Writing. 
     Pretty, Pretty Please. We Need Your Help. Im Not Giving Up, You Should Never Give Up. Only You Can Really Help. No One Else, I Cant Do It All By Myself. You Know You Cant Either. Thats Why When I See People Asking For More Blog Writers, I ALWAYS Join. Yes, I Mean ALWAYS! Only You Can Help Me. 
       You Must Contact Me At AND Comment! 
In The Email Please Tell Us:
  • Your Ameba Pico ID. (Your Pico Name)
  • Your Gender. (Girl, Boy, Or Mixed.)
  • Do You Want To Be A Main Writer Or Guest Writer?
  • Your Age. (You Dont Have To Answer)
  • Why Do You Want To Be A Writer For Our Blog?
  • How Did You Find Out About Our Blog?
  • What Do You LOVE Writer About?
  • Do You Mind If I Tell You To Make A Post At A Time Of Patience? (Which Means Do You Mind If I Ask More Questions When You Reply Or When I Say Can You Make A Post Or When Are You Making A Post?
Please, Please, We Need Your Help!

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